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Acoustic Processing Unit (RASP-24)

Acoustic Processing Unit (RASP-24)

RASP-24 is a compact 24-bit A/D and D/A acoustic input/output system capable of multichannel acoustic output.
It consists of a system board and sound card in a stacked configuration.
Each sound card is equipped with an 8-channel 24-bit resolution A/D converter and a 2-channel 24-bit resolution D/A converter. Audio input/output is also possible with all channels synchronized.
Increasing the number of stacked sound cards increases the number of input channels to 8ch, 16ch, and so on.
RASP-24 and the PC are connected via a network.
You can also use the wireless LAN by connecting a USB wireless module as well as the wired LAN.
You can choose freely where to set up for that.
Because all input/output is synchronized, the system can be used not only as a simple multichannel acoustic device but also for research purposes such as source localization, sound source separation, and speech recognition.


・Sampling grade can be selected according to software
 11.025 / 16 / 22.05 / 32 / 44.1 / 48kHz
・8ch, 16ch, ...acoustic input (can be increased in 8ch increments by stacking sound    cards)
・All-channel synchronized sampling
・24-bit resolution
・Supports single-ended & differential signal input
・Microphone power supply compatibility
・Software-adjustable input gain 
・2ch acoustic output (synchronized with A/D)
・24-bit resolution ΔΣ method D/A converter
・Software-adjustable output gain
 0dB to -63dB (0.5dB pitch)& mute
・Monitor output
 Direct D/A output of desired channel A/D data
・External sensor synchronization port
 Word clock output; trigger output to other sensors

External interfaces

・LAN: 1 port
・UART: 2 ports
・USB host: 1 port
・USB client: 1 port