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Imaging Technology Applied Products: Image and Data Processing

Systems Tomography (TOMOGRAPHY)

The World Loves TEMography Reconstructing tilt-series images, Visualizing 3D volumes, Selecting a region of interest. TEMography, a pioneer software suite for electron tomography, provides seamless workflow for your Electron Tomography work. Over 400 users worldwide choose TEMography; we provide the best solutions and dependable user support.
Supports EDS-based 3D elemental analysis data

Courtesy of JEOL Ltd.

Supports 3D cryo-tomography data

Courtesy of Prof. Holland Chang, UC Davis

3D Reconstruction of serial cross-sectional images

StackerNEO is the application software that aligns and reconstructs the continuous cross-sectional images systematically obtained. Visualizer-evo 3D Visualization Visualizer-evo includes a variety of 3D volume representation with volume rendering, multi-slicing, isosurface plotting. In addition, volume segmentation function, movie maker tools and 3D measurement options(length, angle, etc.) are available.

Courtesy of Prof. Katsuno, Tatsuya, Kyoto University

Perform 3D Analysis from One Pair of Stereo Images

3D-Sight Pro acquires the three dimensional geometry of the sample to create stunning 3D visualizations. In addition to providing 3D structures, 3D-Sight Pro offers quantitative assessments including cross-sectional morphology, length and area measurements, height-thresholding ROI, surface roughness, and more.

Optimized image processing tools

Multi Image Tool is able to perform a wide variety of processing and analysis by combining a wealth of image processing command is a comprehensive image processing macro tool.

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